Reyné O'Shaughnessy

Pilot, Author, Speaker, Founder of Piloting 2 Wellbeing

Also known as Captain O’, I’m a visionary leader with a clear idea of how the future of mental health in aviation, as well as other high-demand professions, could be improved.

This is Your Captain Speaking

What You Should Know About Your Pilot's Mental Health

Much of what I present in this book is a wake up call to airlines, FAA regulators, pilots, ATC, flight attendants, and you the public.

As you read, you’ll get a feeling for the potential cumulative impact of different facets of your life and career, based on your life experiences.

A Skilled & Passionate Speaker

With over a decade of experience as a wellness strategist, and with a particular focus on mindfulness based training, I’m passionate about speaking to any audience who resonates with the pressure of being in a high-performance career.

As an aviation safety advocate and pilot with over 34 years of experience, I also provide specific training opportunities to aviation schools and organizations interested in wellbeing.

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Practical, Powerful Aviation Resources

I believe that we need 21st century tools to address 21st century issues for the next generation of aviation professionals. As a result, I founded Piloting 2 Wellbeing (P2W), which offers training for aviation schools and airline pilots based on the three pillars of Aviation, Awareness, & Safety

Captain O’s

Check out the blog to read my latest thoughts on wellness, mindfulness, and more!

Let’s Connect

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18 SIMPLE hABITS you could be doing right now to improve your wellbeing

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Watch Captain O's exclusive interview with Dr. Robyn Tiger, of the "Stress Free MD Podcast."

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