“What a wonderful event! You have officially broken records for our AMO guest speaker series. To my knowledge, I am unaware of any speaking event in AMO history that was as well received as last night. My total attendance calculation brought us close to 70 students! The work you are doing and the impact on OSU aviation students is invaluable to the future careers of these students. I wanted to thank you on behalf of all attendees for coming to speak to us!”
Patrick Gallagher
Aviation Management & Logistics Management President Aviation Management Organization (AMO) at Ohio State University, Peer Advisor
“Our college had the pleasure of working with Captain O’Shaughnessy as the keynote speaker for our annual Safety Symposium.  Capt. O was dynamic, engaging, and vulnerable, which elevated her ability to connect with our community and highlight the importance of mental health in the aviation industry. Our students, faculty, and staff still talk about her visit to our campus and have begun to apply the information they learned at her keynote into their lives. She is an advocate for the importance of mental health for all pilots at every phase and stage of their career and we are so excited to continue working with her!”
Alyssa Robinson, M.Ed.
Director of Strategic Communications and External Engagement College of Aeronautics and Engineering Kent State University
“I had the pleasure of working with Reyne at the 2023 Dispatcher and Scheduling Conference and was pleasantly surprised by her level of enthusiasm and ability to calm the crowd during her presentation. One specific nugget that I took away was her ability to capture the audience’s attention, resulting in a completely silent room of nearly 200 attendees, with no one looking at their phones. The impact of her presentation was evident, as the audience left with more energy than they came in with.

If you're on the fence about working with Reyne, I would highly recommend her professionalism, enthusiasm, and rapport with crowds. Overall, Reyne was a joy to work with, offering thoughtful and sound insights to walk away with.”
Mitchell Papontos
MOC Duty Director, Wheels Up
"Reyné is a needed voice in the conversations we are having about mental health and wellness in aviation. Her industry experience and personal insights, combined with her ability to authentically connect with others makes her a great panelist, moderator, or speaker for a wide range of events or presentations. We invited her to be a panelist at a recent Diversity Luncheon and students appreciated her direct, honest answers and suggestions. I, personally, appreciated Reyné's willingness to meet with the women of our program in a smaller-group setting the day before the event. In all ways she gave generously of her time and is giving back to the industry in impactful ways that are directly benefiting the next generation of aviation professionals."
Gail Avendaño
Assistant Professor, Southern Illinois University
"Thank you enormously for your presentation on Friday, 10/6. We greatly appreciated your time and the marvelous knowledge and insights you shared with us.

You gave a most wonderful and engaging presentation indeed. Mental health is such an important topic!

You clearly demonstrated the link between aviation safety and good mental and physical health. We heartily agreed that as a pilot, you have the experience and knowledge to deliver your specialized message for those in the aviation field, namely, that health and safety are connected. Addressing the myths about this connection, such as lack of sleep as an indicator of fortitude or a hard-working attitude, relaxation as an indulgence, or admitting to needing help as stigmatizing or worse, were very useful for us to understand.

By asking your audience to think about what they already knew about themselves, self-assess their needs, and then to make a commitment to incremental change, were all fantastic teaching moments. It was clear that all of us in the audience took your lessons and 'Flight plan - Nav points' to heart.

Thank you for the difference you have made in our personal and professional lives going forward! I hope that as future aviators and leaders, the students will be able to amplify your messages and teach others that maintaining good mental health is an important part of a professional aviation career. ."
Maxine Lubner, Ph.D.
Professor and Chair Management Department Vaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology
"I met Reyne in my capacity as the moderator for the Cabin Crew training conference at the World Aviation Training Summit in Orlando, FL in 2023.   As conference moderator, it was my job to recruit and select speakers for the conference. One of the themes I wanted to explore was crew member resilience and well-being. After seeing Reyne’s introductory video, I knew she would be perfect for the conference. It was obvious that she was an experienced speaker with excellent presentation skills. Not only was her proposed topic right on point, but her experiences as a cabin crew member and as a pilot made her story authentic.

Reyne is a consummate professional. Our communications prior to the conference showed her keen determination to ensure her presentation was tailored for the audience of aviation training professionals. Judging by the reactions to her presentation and the follow-up questions she succeeded in making a strong impact on our audience."
Ian Mitchell
Lead Designer - Cabin Crew Training at Air Canada
"Reyne was an inspirational speaker at the Los Angeles 99's Winter Workshop. The theme was pilot wellness; her talk was so raw and honest. The entire room was moved by her incredible story, wealth of knowledge, and passion for the subject. We had so much feedback from guests about the event's fantastic success, which had much to do with Reyne's participation. One guest has said," What you have done here will have an effect that will trickle outward and beyond. We changed lives today." Reyne has an uncanny ability to connect with her audience on such a personal level. We are forever grateful for her and what she does for the aviation community."
Jennifer Pearl
Vice Chair, LAX 99s

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