“Change is the only constant in life”
– Heraclitus

There’s no getting around it. Life equals change, and change is the hardest thing a human can do. However, it isn’t easy. But here’s the good news. If we learn to adapt to change the less stress we experience. This is pretty direct, it’s simple, but it’s not easy. Why? Because change is something that can make humans feel uncertain and vulnerable. Although many of us often claim we don’t like predictability – we do. We like having the same seat in a meeting room or mass transit, or at the dinner table – we like predictability. Think about it. Change can mean adventure for some and terror for others. A lot of this has to do with awareness and choice. When we choose to change jobs, to travel, to try something new, for some it’s an adventure, excitement, but others feel fear of the unknown. However, when change is thrust upon us, and especially when it’s the opposite of what we would have chosen, then there is no excitement. Stress and fear take over. You feel out of sorts, out of control.

But you can take back control. You do not have to live in stress, anxiety, have panic attacks and suffer from sleepless nights. You can take control of your response to unwanted change. You already have everything you need to do this. There are simple techniques and practical training that can help you through unprecedented times like by using the very system that keeps you alive to help you reach a more calm and focused state, help you sleep and to help you connect to hope, trust, gratitude and love. Breathe.

I look forward to connecting with you all.

Very truly yours,


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